It’s Piling Up out There – Where Do You Put Your Snow?

2014winter 9Here in Kalamazoo, we’ve certainly been feeling the effects of lake effect snow this winter. Since November, Kalamazoo has received over 65 inches of snow! With temperatures remaining in the single digits or below, you can bet this snow isn’t going anywhere soon.

Freezing cold air and having to wake up while it’s still dark makes it hard for anyone to go to work or run errands. Driving there in the snow is bad enough as it is, but a snowy parking lot and icy walkways can be dangerous because they can cause slips, falls, and crashes.

Business owners have additional troubles when that heavy lake effect snow hits. Keeping parking lots and walkways clear is a necessity for the safety of you, your employees, and customers. You shouldn’t have to scramble last minute to find a reliable snow removal service.

DeVisser Landscaping provides commercial snow management services for businesses like yours. Here’s how we can help.

Snow Plowing – We’ll plow that big parking lot in addition to your walkways, driveways and sidewalks.

Salting – We’ll salt all heavy traffic areas to prevent ice accumulation.

Snow removal – Don’t have the room for storing mounds of snow? We have equipment that is able to remove it in case of a heavy snowfall.

DeVisser Landscaping Services offers competitive pricing and unmatchable reliability. We’ll get your snow taken care of quickly so you can open for business with confidence that everyone is safe.

Stay safe this snow season and don’t worry – spring will come eventually, right?


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