Preparing Your Perennials For Winter

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PerennialsAs we start unpacking our warmer clothes and start stocking up on firewood, it’s important to remember to prepare our yards as well. Perennials are excellent plants to have because they live for more than two years, going dormant in the winter. But that isn’t to say they don’t need a little love and care.

There are two types of perennials: root hardy and fully hardy. Root hardy plants may have damage to the foliage after winter, but their roots will remain healthy. A fully hardy plant will survive the winter healthy in both its roots and its foliage. Taking care of it while it is dormant can increase its chances of blooming again in the spring.

Here are some preparation tips to get ready your perennials ready for winter:

Bring Potted Plants Inside

If your perennials are potted, bring them inside and store them in either a basement or garage, some place that will remain above freezing temperatures. They will require some light, but not much as they require little nutrition while dormant.

Water Your Plants Late into Fall

Give your plants a good watering late in the fall but before the first cold part of the season. They will use this supply throughout the winter as the ground freezes and water becomes less readily available.

Trim and Insulate

Trim down your plants, leaving only about three inches of growth and then cover with two to four inches of mulch. Ground bark, shredded leaves, and pine boughs make excellent insulation. The goal is to keep a consistent temperature. This helps avoid a freeze-thaw cycle which may cause plants to bloom too early and then not survive the cold.


To add more protection to some of the more delicate perennials, before the first cold bout of the season, cover them with plastic pots, mulch, Styrofoam plant protectors, or burlap fabric.

If you have additional questions or would like help in prepping for the winter, contact us at DeVisser Landscape Services, and we will be happy to provide answers, discuss the best options for your landscaping, and help keep your lawn looking beautiful all year.

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